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How to Become a Member of SASS

The South African Sheriff Society is a voluntary organization for sheriffs. Definition of a SASS member: 'Member' means a Sheriff whose application for membership of this Society was accepted and whose membership fees are paid up to date

Who can become a member?

Only Sheriffs can become members of the South African Sheriff Society.Definition of Sheriff: ‘Sheriff’ means a Sheriff, appointed in terms of the Legislation governing the appointment of Sheriffs at that time

How can I become a member?

Application for Membership is by way of a written application to the Management, including particulars as determined by the Management, including an undertaking that the applicant will subject himself/herself to the Constitution and Code of Conduct of the Society;

Membership fee

The SASS membership fee is determined by the members at the Annual General Meeting. The current membership fee is calculated on a sliding scale to provide for different size sheriff offices. The criteria used to determine the size of the office, is the number of deputies in that office and varies between R200 to R1000 per annum.

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